Consultation with a Surgeon

Patients are often nervous or even scared when they come to visit me about a breast problem. My job is to diagnose the problem, explain it to you and walk you through a treatment program if necessary. I will talk to you about your symptoms, examine you and look at tests that you have already had done. I may suggest some further tests or even a biopsy to help make a diagnosis or plan treatment.

I will talk to you about your diagnosis and options for treatment. I want to answer all your questions so that you are comfortable with the diagnosis and your treatment pathway. Lisa, my personal assistant, will arrange appointment and explain costs and logistics with you and we will arrange other referrals with other health professionals if necessary. My aim is to give you as much information and time possible to make decisions and to help support you through the process. This may take more than one visit and I encourage patients to come back to see me if they have any further questions.