Prophylactic Mastectomy

What you should know before your surgery

The decision to have a prophylactic mastectomy is a major and irreversible one. I have put together some information that you should have before you make the decision to make sure that you are as fully informed as possible. I will go through all of this with you in your consultation.

  • The procedure
    • Options for reconstruction
    • The Nipple
    • What the surgery entails
    • Timing of surgery
    • Risk reduction
  • Implants- if relevant
    • Types of implants
    • Look and feel of implants
    • Risk of infection and how to treat infection
    • Longevity of Implants
    • Risk of Lymphoma
  • Potential complications of surgery
    • Pain/discomfort
    • Numbing
    • Scarring
    • Short term/Long term effects on lifestyle
    • Suboptimal cosmetic result
  • Preparing psychologically
    • Potential of depression
    • Potential of relief
    • Post operative mourning period
    • Issues related to body image, sexuality and self-esteem
  • Recovery time
    • General healing time
    • Range of recovery time
    • Recovery time related to complications
  • Cosmetic Results
    • Expectations of cosmetic outcome
    • Photos of prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction
    • Discussion with a patient who has had the procedure
    • Look and sensation of nipples
  • Follow up
    • Types of bras and where to find them
    • Support groups
    • Post surgery exercises
    • Future imaging and follow up

Please visit my pages on skin sparing mastectomy, nipple sparing mastectomy and breast reconstruction for more information.

I would also recommend the following site for further information: